Monday, August 29, 2011

Mikitty shirt

Aika wear "Mikitty" t-shit
lol epic

Aika now still taking a break because her injury
wish her recover soon.

eri... i miss her too

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Aichan Jackets

we must know aichan never get tired to spent her money for shopping
looks like she has a new stuff everyday
this.... jackets and pants...

price for jacket 21,840 yen
price for pants 14,700 yen

Brand Milk (sayu loves this brand)

source: here

edit: i cant found pic when aichan wearing this.. if you have it please share :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Charity event

just found an old news in my archive files
that during Pika-Pika Tour concert 2009, Morning Musume had a charity fund donation boxes in support of the "Assistant Dogs helping Disabled"

They were able to collect 530.330 yen

皆様のご理解とご協力のもと、ツアーグッズの売り上げの一部も含め530,330円 という寄付金が集まりました。ありがとうございました。
7月29日に、モーニング娘。メンバー、高橋愛、光井愛佳が日本盲導犬協会 神奈川訓練センターにて、日本身体障害者補助犬学会 理事長 秋田裕氏に直接渡して参りました。ご賛同いただき誠にありがとうございました。


source: here

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


too adorable
this girls is too cute for words
even when she's sleeping


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aichan's Rings

its interesting for me to look at my idol stuff and style
i found, somehow, aichan wearing this ring

i forgot the blog pic though
the price for this small ring is 3.800 yen

source: here

Saturday, August 20, 2011

H!P in Weekly Playboy - Mano Erina Translate

Mano Erina – Until recently, I’d been doing photo shoots for movies all the time
“Up until recently, I was continuously doing photo shoots for movies. I’m trying hard not only at songs, but in acting as well. I made my debut three years ago, but I think more strongly of never forgetting the resolutions I made for myself in the beginning. And since I’ll be turning 20 years old, I want my adult charm to come out…… (lol). I want to be someone who always continues to grow!”

source: Tokyohive

H!P in Weekly Playboy - S/mileage Translate

Ogawa Saki – I’m an Oha Girl on “Oha Star”
“I get to appear weekly on ‘Oha Star’ as an ‘Oha Girl’! During the program I do baton, but at home I practice a bunch. I had done it a few times, but I wasn’t very good no matter how many times I did it on TV. It’s now become a special skill because I tried so hard and got bruises all over my arms from it.”

Maeda Yuuka – I really look forward to radio recording every time
“I do a radio show with Fukuda Kanon-chan. The person in charge is Fukuda, who’s full of personality, but I’d like to do more. Even though it’s almost been a year (since we started), I’m glad it didn’t change much (lol). Since I get more talkative than usual on the radio, please listen to it everyone!”

Wada Ayaka - I’ve released my first solo photo book and DVD
“On February 25th I released my 1st solo photo book ‘Wada Ayaka 16′, and on March 2nd I released the DVD ‘Ayaka’. We did the photo shoots in a bunch of different places, like the ocean, the pool, and a snowy mountain. And lately, I’ve begun studying English. I learn one page of vocabulary a day; I’m trying my hardest to get really good at English even if it’s only a little (at a time). That wasn’t a lie!”

Fukuda Kanon – I’m going my best in a mini-skirt
“I’m in charge of being the Cinderella of S/mileage. Lately, I’ve been into interior design. When I arrange cute furniture, I’m upping my girliness! Someday when S/mileage is invited to appear on Kohaku Uta Gassen, I wanna wear amazing mini-skirts and sparkling clothing. I’m going to look up how to put more feelings into my songs when I sing!”

source: Tokyohive

H!P in Weekly Playboy - C-ute Translate

Okai Chisato – I’ve done dance covers♪
“I did some dance covers called “Odotte Mita (Honnin)” on YouTube. In just two days I got over 100,000 hits, and now I’ve had over 1.2 million! I want people to watch my videos and see that it’s hard for me to learn (dances). Since I’m not very good at dancing, I was nervous about the first one, but I’ve come to like dancing now. From now on, I’m gonna try to look forward no matter what!”

Suzuki Airi – This year, an Airi Revolution will happen!
“I was the main character in the DVD ‘Keitai Kanojo’. Since I hadn’t thought of being an actress myself, I was really surprised (about being cast). Please watch it, ’cause I tried my hardest. (Earlier) this year on January 18th, I announced on my blog that ‘an Airi Revolution will happen’. I think of my third year of high school as a match, so I’ll be raising a revolution about something!”

Yajima Maimi - The play I had a leading role in, “Ran”, will be doing a second showing
“I’ve been trying hard in the practices for the play ‘Ran -2011 New version!!-’ that will be beginning on May 22nd. It’s a new version of the play that I appeared in last July. The chances I’m given are tied to the next. This is my goal!! And it’s been decided that the movie ‘Black Angels’ will be coming out on DVD on April 27th. I’m playing the role of the heroine, Reira!”

Nakajima Saki – I’m the host for P League
“I’ve been the special supporter for the television show ‘Bowling Unmei P LEAGUE’ since this year. The pro female bowlers don’t seem to be any different from normal girls, but during a match they get to be so passionate. Since the set for the show is super duper cute, I really want you to watch it!”

Hagiwara Mai – When I become a high schooler, I want to improve myself
“This spring, I’ll be graduating from middle school. Being a high schooler sounds like fun, so I felt like graduating soon. When I become a high schooler, I want to stand out a bit more. Because I hate not being with anyone, I can’t even go to the bathroom or the shower by myself…… I really want to conquer that!”

source: Tokyohive

H!P in Weekly Playboy - Berryz Koubou Translate

Sudo Maasa - I was so embarassed about my first leading role
“The movie ‘Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata‘, where I had my first starring role, is currently out on DVD. When I saw my own acting at the private showing, I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t sit still. I still have a lot (to improve), compared to other actors… I admire the main characters of shoujo manga, so I’d like to try appearing in a manga. I really do love shoujo manga!”

Natsuyaki Miyabi - My first solo DVD is different from the usual me
“This year, I released my first solo DVD ‘NATURAL&COOL’. I tried to act the two images of ‘natural’ and ‘cool’. It was a little uncomfortable being at a photo shoot by myself, but I think a side of me that’s different from the usual me came out. Since I love clothes, I’d like to try a fashion collaboration or making my own brand.”

Sugaya Risako – I’m meeting so many people in my job as a voice actress
“I’m the voice actress for Himuro Ibu in the anime, ‘Mecha Mote Ii n Chou’. Since it’s the role of a cool girl, before I started acting for her I found that if I wasn’t quiet, I wasn’t really in character, which is a different type than my own. In actuality, there are girls there (for the anime) that are the same age as I am, so I’ve met a lot of new people. From now on, I want to show you all different sides of Risako.”

Kumai Yurina – I’d like to challenge being a model
“Last year I released my third photo book ‘Kuma Spo’, so this year I want to release a fourth one. I want to wear more varied kinds of clothing. Since I admire models who don’t wear make-up, like Karina-san and Hasegawa Jun-san, I’d like to challenge being a model. I’m aiming to be a cool model too! (lol)”

Tokunaga Chinami – I want to throw a pie on a variety show
“I do a radio show with the captain of Berryz Koubou (Shimizu) and Sudo. Even though it’s the only the three of of appearing, we tell stories about all seven members. I try my hardest to gather up things to talk about from every day life. The person I admire is Becky-san. Also, since I really like comedy, I want to appear on a variety show. I wanna try throwing a pie! (lol)”

Shimizu Saki – The comments on the blog I started make me happy
“I started an Ameba blog called ‘SAKI STUDIO’. And my first blog entry received over 1,000 comments. Thanks everybody! I recently changed up my hairdo as well. It’s always been short, but this time I got long extensions. When I was talking with Tsunku-san, he told me I look like an adult. Does it suit me?”

Tsugunaga Momoko - I’m so happy about my 100th radio broadcast!
“My radio program, which I’ve been doing on my own, had its 100th broadcast! We do something called the ‘Tsugunaga Kenpou’ (‘The Tsugunaga Constitution’) each week, but I’d like to put in a book around the very end. (The book) will be so big that it won’t lose to the Japanese National Constitution! Someday, I’d like Berryz to be on the cover of Weekly Playboy. Ah, even if it were just me I’d be happy (lol)”

source: Tokyohive

H!P in Weekly Playboy - Morning Musume Translate

Michishige Sayumi – My appearances on variety shows has gone up
“Lately, I’ve been invited onto a bunch of variety shows. I want my presence to stand out as Morning Musume continues to evolves even more with the addition of its new members!

Tanaka Reina – I understand the fun in singing on music programs where I’m a regular
“I feel more strongly that it’s fun to sing on the show ‘Uta no Rakuen’, where I appear as a regular. Since there were non-Hello! Project artists that I couldn’t normally meet there, I got so much motivation (from being around them).”

Mitsui Aika – I’ve released my first solo photobook!!
“This year, I released my 1st solo photo book ‘Aika’. It’d be nice if I could do a second one soon. Since I like eating, I’d like to try challenging jobs like being a gourmet reporter!”

Takahashi Ai - I’m graduating from Morning Musume in September
“Since I’ll be graduating from Momusu in the fall, I hope that I can help the ninth generation members grow quickly. In December, I’ll be appearing in the musical ‘Dance of the Vampire’. My goal for this year is to not give up!”

Niigaki Risa - The exciting feeling of improv theater is so different
“I recently appeared in ‘Real Etude Minna no Ie Girl’s STAGE’ when we finished performances (for Morning Musume). Since it was improv, there wasn’t a script! I felt so accomplished when it was over. I wanna do it again.”

Suzuki Kanon – Preparing and going over dancing, which I’m terrible at!
“Since I’m really bad at dancing, I’ve been doing my best to prepare for and review my dance lessons! I practice the choreography I couldn’t do at home so that next time, I can dance better than I did before.”

Sayashi Riho – I’m beginning a job over the radio!
“I’ve only introduced myself over the radio, (but) it’s hopeless and difficult for me to not talk when I’m on my own. Today I’ve gotta try my best at dancing and singing, but someday I want to try a drama or being a voice actress!”

Ikuta Erina – I’ve begun doing both school and Morning Musume
“I’m doing my best at my dance lessons for the spring tour and my physical training. Lately, every day has been passing by at an incredibly fast speed. Since I love idols, listening to my senpais’ (senior at work, school, etc.) songs while commuting gives me energy!”

Fukumura Mizuki – In the middle of lessons for the spring concert
“The ninth generation members will begin appearing in concerts this spring. I’m receiving lessons, but there are so many things that I want to do that I don’t have enough time! I’ll be in my third year of middle school this year, so I’m going to study hard.”

source: Tokyohive

Friday, August 19, 2011

MJ dance

all morning musume member has a talent
especially dance
look at this... MJ will be proud


Thursday, August 18, 2011

FUkumura Mizuki (in Noto Arisa Blog)

Fukumura Mizuki is one of 9th gen in Morning Musume. for me she is one of the pretiest member ever, and she's only 14th!
this is pics when she still in eg, with Noto Arisa

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Funny T-Shirt

Hello! Project member tshirt always amaze me :)
this time was Sayu and Junjun
they has the same tshirt


great stuff :)

my first post

 this is my first post...
my english not soo god, but i want to learn.
I hope this blog can help me to learn for a better english