Saturday, August 20, 2011

H!P in Weekly Playboy - S/mileage Translate

Ogawa Saki – I’m an Oha Girl on “Oha Star”
“I get to appear weekly on ‘Oha Star’ as an ‘Oha Girl’! During the program I do baton, but at home I practice a bunch. I had done it a few times, but I wasn’t very good no matter how many times I did it on TV. It’s now become a special skill because I tried so hard and got bruises all over my arms from it.”

Maeda Yuuka – I really look forward to radio recording every time
“I do a radio show with Fukuda Kanon-chan. The person in charge is Fukuda, who’s full of personality, but I’d like to do more. Even though it’s almost been a year (since we started), I’m glad it didn’t change much (lol). Since I get more talkative than usual on the radio, please listen to it everyone!”

Wada Ayaka - I’ve released my first solo photo book and DVD
“On February 25th I released my 1st solo photo book ‘Wada Ayaka 16′, and on March 2nd I released the DVD ‘Ayaka’. We did the photo shoots in a bunch of different places, like the ocean, the pool, and a snowy mountain. And lately, I’ve begun studying English. I learn one page of vocabulary a day; I’m trying my hardest to get really good at English even if it’s only a little (at a time). That wasn’t a lie!”

Fukuda Kanon – I’m going my best in a mini-skirt
“I’m in charge of being the Cinderella of S/mileage. Lately, I’ve been into interior design. When I arrange cute furniture, I’m upping my girliness! Someday when S/mileage is invited to appear on Kohaku Uta Gassen, I wanna wear amazing mini-skirts and sparkling clothing. I’m going to look up how to put more feelings into my songs when I sing!”

source: Tokyohive

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