Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tanaka Reina and Cellphones

Tanaka Reina....

her pink cellphones was cute
she loves pink XD
Im curious what she's looking at

she look soo serious

maybe she just edit her own pic

btw the last pic, she look soo sexy...
but scary too...

Monday, September 12, 2011

UFA and Youtube partner

UFA made official youtube accounts for some of their artist and site
it makes me wonder, how much Youtubepartner earn money from their vids and ads
im looking at this site and found some rough calculation..

Viewing Vids
every view on youtubepartner vids will make in the range of $2.5 to $5 per 1000 video views The most popular stars will earn $5 per 1000 views.

Channel views
A youtube partner will make $.01 per channel view. If a channel has 1,000,000 channel views, the person will make $10,000.

Now we visit some of their official channel and counting for a Sept 12th, 2011

1. Morning Musume Official Youtube Channel has
Video Views: 14,260,065
Channel Views: 814,546

2. C-ute Channel
Video Views: 16,986,538
Channel Views: 1,932,370

3. Berryz Koubou Channel
Video Views: 6,560,327
Channel Views: 756,035

4. S/mileage Channel
Video Views: 5,736,976
Channel Views: 382,778

5. Mano Erina Channel
Video Views: 894,553
Channel Views: 322,991

6. Buono! Channel
Video Views: 3,092,864
Channel Views: 457,990

7. Up-Front Channel Channel
Video Views: 18,891,564
Channel Views: 2,029,439

8. Up-Front Entertainment Channel
Video Views: 1,379,412
Channel Views: 84,682

9. Hangry & Angry Channel
Video Views: 205,082
Channel Views: 22,555

10. DohhhUp's Channel
Video Views: 73,724
Channel Views: 76,731

11. Up-Front Tunes Channel
Video Views: 709,302
Channel Views: 90,680

12. Alma Kaminiito Channel
Video Views: 6,122
Channel Views: 1,948

13. One Up * Stage Channel
Video Views: 3,531
Channel Views: 524

14. TNX Channel
Video Views: 391,686
Channel Views: 62,354

you guys calculate for yourself :)
remember the income range can vary depending on number of advertising clicks.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

SayuEri Picture Part 5 - Last

This is the last SayuEri post of this day
i will share the Fans created and Gif. And some of translated interview and stories here

Edited Pics

they have the same necklace...


SayuEri Stories

Sayu's comments to Eri on her graduation dvd

-Sayu tries to think of a special Eri moment but there are just too many over the last 8 years
-She talks about Eri's weird late night emails XD She can't understand them
-Going overseas, they've been sleeping in separate rooms, Eri never said she was scared before but recently Eri says she's scared so she sleeps in Sayu's room. Sayu thinks it's probably cause Eri's lonely
-Sayu says Eri's really affectionate, too affectionate XD

-Eri's really grateful towards Sayu
-Eri talks about how Sayu's tv persona looks down on people, is poison tongued, and a narcissist but in reality she lacks a bit of self confidence and worries over if what she said was okay. Sayu's really kind. She thinks really hard at what she wants to say.

-Sayu mentions how they used to have an exchange dairy but that suddenly stopped. Thinks Eri probably lost it.
-Sayu is recording this during the Fashionable Event. First time she ever lied to Eri in these 8 years. She told Eri that she was actually going off to record a comment for the 9th gen auditions but was actually making a recording for Eri's grad dvd. She was nervous and had to prepare herself for the lie because it's really the first time she lied to Eri. Since it was for Eri's sake she had to try her best XD
-Sayu doesn't say it but recently she's been thinking of how Eri wouldn't be around in the dressing room, at dance lessons, at events
-Normally it will be where Eri will sit, Sayu will go sit. Where Eri goes, Sayu will follow. She realize she wouldn't be able to do that anymore.

-Sayu says that she'll be fine after her graduation and she shouldn't worry. She'll try her best to live on without Eri
-She'll wait for her night emails
-See you, loving you forever
-Eri sent an bday message to Sayu. It said, "Congratulations. Love you forever". It was short but it was full of love
-Thank you

-Eri cracks up over how long Sayu's message is
-Eri's certain Sayu's the type that will be fine alone

-Sayu crashes in on the recording at 2:30
-Sayu came even though she had other work to go to right after
-Eri's really happy
-Sayu said it wasn't preplanned. She was just gonna pop in for a sec but they gave her a mic.
-Sayu wasn't called upon, she just wanted to go to Eri while in the car.


From On-diet blogs

Sayu shared a really sweet and emotional story on Konusapi last week. Thought I'll share it.

In a recent interview, SayuEri mentioned about spending a night exchanging long mails. Sayu went into details and was really honest about her feelings on her radioshow to the point that she was crying. During the Seishun Collection period, Sayu's grandfather fell sick but she wasn't able to leave work and Sayu kept it to herself. At that time it has only been a while since Sayu started her blog and she tried to maintain a balance between socialising with the members and blogging. Because of the encouraging comments and grabbing GREE's #1 spot, Sayu was obsessed with blogging just to keep the #1 spot even though she knows that isn't healthy.

At that time, Reina got herself a blog too and had the #1 spot on Ameba. Sayu was happy for Reina but there was also a part of her that doesn't want to lose out to her fellow rokkie that only contributed to her obsession. Gradually most of the members got blogs and they had the #1 spot on Ameba at some point of time. When Sayu had #1 spot, she didn't get as much encouragement from people around her so she felt a little jealous when she saw how other members were getting all the comments.

Sayu's non-stop blogging habit pretty much caused her to overlook Eri's feelings. Eri tried to talk to Sayu but Sayu wouldn't really pay attention to Eri because she's busy blogging, again. In her mind, she thought Eri would understand and Sayu just kind of started to stop talking to Eri as much as they did in the past 8 years.

Sayu then recalled when she was starting to go on variety shows, she would do anything the show may need her to do like being covered in lotion..which isn't common for idols to be treated that way. Whenever people ask her what else does she want to do, she'd say she wants to have a blog. (If there's anyone who wanted a blog most badly, I'd have to say its Sayu. She has been asking for one since 2007) She wanted an outlet for her to express herself and show everyone the real her (Her TV acid-tongue is just a character. Sayu is already crying pretty hard by now.) She finally got the blog she has been asking for. At that point, she knew that if one works hard for what she wants, she will be able to get it then BAM! Reina, Gaki-san, JJ, LL and Aichan got themselves a blog each too. Sayu obviously didn't feel good about it (She has every reason to.). Upon realising she phrased it as though the other members were feeding off her hardwork, the kind Sayu quickly added in good words for the other members saying that they did ask for blogs again and again too. The fact that the rest of the girls got way more congrats messages for grabbing the #1 spot on their respective host sites made Sayu really jealous (She is aware that she should be happy for them and not act like an idiot). Apart from this whole blogging stuff, she had her grandfather to worry about (FYI, Sayu is very close to her grandparents. Her grandfather is like her biggest fan.) She didn't tell anyone about what was happening in her mind and the pressure just kind of added on.

Even though all the problems started with the blog, when she went home, she continued blogging (._.) Sayu then received a long touching mail from Eri (She didn't share the details) which opened her up to share her problems with Eri. She then realised she should have told Eri everything right from the start because Eri would have tried her best to make Sayu feel better and give her good advice. After Sayu told Eri about the blog troubles, Eri told her "Sayu ga suki na hito wa, chanto mitekureteru yo" (If you know Japanese, understand it in the Jap way. My translation will only destroy the meaningfulness of this message. "Those people who like you will be reading" She's trying to tell Sayu that she doesn't have to fight to be the first. Her fans will still be reading even if she wasn't the first.) Sayu gets really emotional talking about how Eri made her realise all the jealousy was unnecessary. She started off the blog with the intention of expressing herself but she ended up being competitive.

Even though Sayu did not tell anyone about it, Eri's natural SayuEri-love instinct kicked in and Eri was very understanding and nice to her. Sayu stopped the 11.5minutes long topic with "No, she's gonna graduate...I really don't want her to..."

Konya UsaPi SayuEri graduation letters 2010/12/11

Sayu Letter

To Eri,
Uwah~ How many years has it been since I wrote a letter to Eri?
The staff guys from UsaPi said “You should write a letter”
so I just casually agreed but what to write, I honestly have no idea.
My hand keeps coming to a stop. I mean, everything I want to say
to you Eri… well I can’t think of anything now but I know there is a lot
but I don’t know what to say… (lol)
And it’s not something as simple as just a “I’ll miss you”
What should I do? Well I guess I’ll just end the letter then.
Instead I’ll write about what parts of you I like.
Your face (especially your mouth and nose). Your silky hair. Your thighs.
Your voice. The way you act like a baby.
The way you sing. The way you dance. The way you laugh. The way you cry.
How you’re always sleepy. How you can laugh randomly out of nowhere.
How you seem like such an idiot. Such a silly person and so random.
Yet you can be very serious at the same time. How you think too much about things.
How strongly you hold your opinions. How you share them. How you don’t give in with them.
How you’re more attentive than anyone else i know. How you’re more kind than anyone else I know.
How you’re always together with me. How you always call me “Sayu”. How you’re such a good friend to me.
I love how much you love me.
These are just some of the parts I love about you.

I’ll just say this now.
When you said you were graduating from Morning Musume, to be honest it never really hit me.
I didn’t know what to say, not because I wasn’t sure of what to say to you
but I was just thinking of what to say for myself. That was the only thing I could think of
so I ended up just say “Oh, I see…” I’m really sorry about that.
I bet you’re thinking “What, how can you think that at a time like that?”
But it wasn’t only those times, I have done that a lot to you up til now, I’m so sorry.
You’ve always listened to my problems and every time you tried your hardest
to give me your best input and advice, but I was never able to do the same for you.
I am truly sorry.
At the rokkies dinner show, when you were deciding on whether or not to sing Ikimono Gakari’s “Nakumonka”
when I heard it, I don’t know why but I was just so touched by it. It made me just want to hold you.
That’s funny huh. Even now I still listen to you singing it on my iPod (lol).
That song was so good, I hope you can sing it at graduation.

Ah Eri, you’ve done so many silly things up til now haven’t you.
I’ve enjoyed all the stupid things you’ve done.
When I think back about the time we went to yakiniku all day, played with some gyaru make up
went to a purikura, it sounds kinda stupid now, but I had so much fun.
I know how we are so possessive of each other, so whenever we are hanging out with other people
you can just feel this weird gap, we’re so cute aren’t we.
Even after you’ve graduated, we should still go out. Soon too.
Actually, you know what, let’s go out on the day of graduation, just like that.
Since you’re here, the current Morning Musume, in good times or bad
how you can just fill up a room by just being you is really amazing.
Until you graduate, the 8 members of Morning Musume, and us 6th gen members
and of course as SayuEri, let’s keep working hard til the end.
After you graduate, let’s continue to hang out as best friends.
See you later~ Bye bye
From Sayu

Eri's Letter

To Shige-san,
Wow how many years has it been since I wrote a letter?
Saying 8 years probably wouldn’t be an overstatement.
Actually, now that I think of it, have I even written a letter to you before? Hahaha~
Ah, well I’m not sure what I should write so…
I guess I’ll just write something and we’ll see how it goes.
Sayu is… just someone I really connect with? Someone I can really talk with?
And just someone I’m always together with? It’s a really strange thing.
Whenever I’m with you, it just calms me down and relaxes me.
But before I know it, we’re always laughing and having a good time. Thanks.
I guess you’re like a true “soul friend/mate”
It makes me so happy to have a friend like you.
I mean you’re my best friend, a person, a bunny, a… well I don’t really know
what exactly are you…?
You always keep saying that you’re always relying on me,
but from the bottom of my heart, it’s really I who has been relying on you.
Thank you.
I know that you just completely understand me and that’s so reassuring to know.
That’s why when I was telling you “I’m graduating”, I wasn’t nervous at all, I wasn’t scared either.
Funny isn’t it.
Over the past 8 years we’ve worked together and spent time together,
I think it’s created the “us” we have now and I’m incredibly happy to have that.
It feels like there could be a song about it or something. Haha.
I hope we keep on going. I hope we keep on talking, playing, and just having fun together.
I wonder if this letter is too long? short?
Well, in my opinion I wrote quite a bit, it’s surprisin-linlin. (A pun they have)
Ah, remember before when I said we should go on a trip together, let’s go do that.
Well, til my next letter to you.
From Eri

Sayu's Blogs

Kamei Eri

is a great person.
So great that she could be in history books, I think.
She's so kind that even her juniors adore her!!!
Probably, they can do that only to Eririn.
Because Eri is Eri, that's what she is.
I love Eri (*^o^*)

Being able to be by Eri's side is Sayumi's life's fortune.

Moreover, with her graduation, she even worries about Sayumi. It's not good for me to worry her, so I'll do my best.
With Eri, I've talked about a lot of things and done stupid things, it was really fun ♪
Eri's uncompromising, direct personality, her foolishness mixed with unusual kindness - I love all of it.
Even now, it doesn't feel like she has graduated...so I don't really understand (LOL)

Yesterday, after giving her my message, when it was time to say goodbye,
we gazed at each other for about 5 seconds (LOL)
When I saw Eri gradually tearing up, I really wanted to express my thoughts, but I couldn't say anything sensible. I'm sorry.
But Eri probably understands that too...
Ah, as expected, it's unbearable.

Thank you.
Thank you, Eri.

Just like how Eri worries and watches over Sayumi,
Sayumi, too, will greatly support Eri!

At yesterday's concert,
“we did it as SayuEri, but before I knew it, Eri had gone before me”
I said that, but Sayumi will follow/accompany Eri so....
As I thought, SayuEri is forever indestructible! ♪♪♪♪♪♪ ]


If you have SayuEri pic or anything you want to share about SayuEri
please let me know

SayuEri Picture Part 4 - Lovely Momments

Here i post again some of SayuEri Pics
the lovely moments.. kiss, hug..
haha they're like a couple